Technical Inspection

 Master Painters provides an independent inspection service for those circumstances where you may have a dispute with a painting contractor, or you have had a painting project completed and are not satisfied with the result.

Our technical inspection service is available to all parties, from painting contractors (who are in dispute with a client and need an independent perspective) through to consumers who are unhappy with the quality of a paint job provided.

This service will include an on-site inspection of any works completed, as well as interviews with both parties involved. Following this, our technical expert will complete a written report that can be provided to:

  • The other party
  • The Queensland Building Construction Commission
  • Use as evidence in legal action

While all of our inspectors are industry qualified and have extensive industry experience, it is important to note that the Master Painters Association of Queensland is not a regulatory body or enforcement authority. We cannot impose any sanctions, and our recommendations cannot be enforced. It is only the Queensland Building Construction Commission that can, by law, take direct action against contractors in Queensland.

We can, however, strongly recommend that painters who are MPA members follow our advice, and impose strict membership sanctions on those who violate our Code of Ethics.

For a single dwelling in Brisbane, a standard report costs $725, inclusive of GST. Travel costs on top of the above fee will apply outside the metropolitan area and multiple dwellings will be quoted on the size and scope of inspection required. A request form is available from our office and must be fully completed and returned with the full payment.

If you would like to arrange a technical inspection please complete the form below

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