Lead & Asbestos Safe Contractors

Lead & AsbestosIf you’re painting or decorating a property built prior to 1970, then chances are you may disturb paint containing lead, or asbestos sheeting. If not handled safely, these materials can be hazardous to humans and animals. If in doubt, leave it up to the experts—all Master Painters qualified tradesmen are trained to safely deal with these risky building materials.

Lead Paint

It’s an unfortunate reality that lead-based paint was used in Australian houses built before 1970. And whilst this issue is mostly confined to houses of that era, it’s also possible that in certain locations, paint containing lead may have been used more recently.

It’s now well known that exposure to lead is a health risk. Even brief exposure to paint-dust or paint-chips containing lead should be avoided. We strongly advise anyone who considers doing maintenance on a house containing lead-based paint to avoid exposing themselves and those around them to its hazards. 

We strongly recommend the usage of MPA registered professionals for all projects where lead-based paint may be a factor.

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When you need asbestos removed, it must be performed by a qualified company.  An asbestos removal licence is held by a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU). Workers carry out licensed asbestos removal work on behalf of or for the PCBU who holds the licence. Individual workers do not hold an asbestos licence but must meet certain training requirements. 

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