ConsumersWelcome to the Master Painters Association of Queensland. You’ve come to the perfect destination should you wish to learn more about, or perhaps even get in contact with, an MPA qualified professional painter or decorator. Below you’ll find a variety of links to help you find the resources you’ll need.

  • Find a Painter: Simply enter your details, along with what type of painting services you’re after, and our sophisticated database will give you a list of qualified, Master Painter qualified contractors to contact. Cuts your search and vetting time in half.
  • Why Use a Master Painter? There is a whole raft of reasons why it’s always a good idea to use a Master Painter. From our strict guidelines around ethical business practices and expectations of superior quality workmanship, through to our thorough Code of Practice, Master Painters are always the most reliable painters around.
  • Lead & Asbestos Safe Contractors: If your property was built prior to 1970, then chances are it has lead paint and asbestos in it somewhere. While these products do pose some health risks, if they are handled safely by a licenced contractor, then there is nothing to fear.
  • qualified Painter: When working with an Master Painters Association qualified Painter, you can be sure of receiving superior standards of service and workmanship at all times.
  • Technical Consultants: Master Painters can recommend independent technical consultants who can provide unbiased, third-party inspections and input to help resolve disputes between consumers and painting contractors. So, if you’re not happy with the quality of your paint job, let us help you have the situation rectified.
  • Colour Consultants: Whilst you may spend several thousand dollars having your property painted to the highest of standards, at the end of the day, the colour scheme you opt for will have the most impact. It’s usually the first thing people see. So, it makes sense to invest time and money into this choice. Hiring a colour consultant can help ensure you get the best outcome possible.
  • Technical Inspections: If you need some painting and decorating advice, before, during or after your painting project, Master Painters Queensland is here to help. Our technical experts are more than happy to provide all manner of inspection services. 

What to Look For in a Painter

If you’re thinking about engaging a painter or decorator, then you should always ask for a copy of both their license and their Public Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. If you’re having trouble finding a contractor that you trust, then contact us—we’re always happy to provide details of a local painter. With a Master Painters qualified tradesman on your job, you can rest easy.

All our members abide by the Master Painters Code of Ethics, which includes obligations such as: conducting business according to the highest professional standards, faithfully carrying out all contracts, engaging in ongoing education and professional development, abiding by all statutory obligations, encouraging the free exchange of knowledge and ideas throughout the industry, utilising the most progressive and efficient types of materials and techniques at all times, and providing the most professional service and support. For more information, visit Code of Ethics.

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