The Master Painters Association of Queensland is proud to have been given the rights to service the Northern Territory. A recent and exciting development, it means that painting and decorating professionals and businesses operating in the Northern Territory have the opportunity to capitalise on the many benefits of joining our association.

Benefits of Joining Master Painters Northern Territory

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Master Painters Association of the Northern Territory. You will:

  • Have the credibility of the most recognised painting and decorating industry brand in Australia behind you
  • Third part accreditation will give you a professional, competitive edge, providing tangible evidence of your skills, ability, experience and training
  • With our regular updates, you’ll receive all the latest industry news, product releases, and tips, plus you can keep up-to-date on legislation, standards and OH&S changes
  • We encourage and recognise ethical business practices, and promote and sustain the highest standards of craftsmanship
  • Regular events give you the chance to meet new contacts
  • Our cutting-edge, hands-on trade training and educational programs provide all the practical, real-world skills that Australian painters and decorators need to succeed in today’s indusry

This is only the beginning. There are a whole host of benefits to joining the MPA. Becoming a member will provide you with value that overwhelmingly exceeds the cost of membership. And that’s because you’ll be joining an association that works for you; an associated established by painters, for painters.

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