Life Members

It’s a simple fact that without our members, the Master Painters Association of Queensland would cease to exist. We’re an association of painters, for painters. So the interests of our members constitute the interests of the MPA.

Throughout our history, we have been fortunate to have a great many wonderful members, some of which are recognised with life membership. The list of life members for the MPA is given below.

2006 L. Francisco
1999 J. R Cox
1999 D. W Stevenson
1994 H. Merry
1991 M. D Whyte
1991 K. Chapman
1990 J. Finn
1990 C. Baker
1990 C. Pratt
1990 K. Bignold
1982 R. Harvey
1979 R. Neller
1975 H. Payne
1975 H. Lewis
1975 R. G Cox
1974 R. J. R Dunsford
1969 H. B Sargent
1969 W. J Moore
1969 G. T Cox
1969 N. H Christison

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